Match Architects offers the whole spectrum of the services in architecture, interior design and project management.

Main areas of activity of the Аrchitectural Bureau includes interior design of private and public interiors, construction implementation, architect's and technical supervision, combination of all interior items, creation unique pieces of interior design and furniture.

Our partners are the most reliable and largest Аrchitectural Bureau of Italy and Latvia, who have shown themselves only from the best side, with many years of experience behind in Russian and international projects. Match Architects works in collaboration with artists and art-industry representatives.

The highest estimation and the best approval of our company activity come with the clients' trust and respect.

The confidence and comfort of our clients is the foundation for everything we do. It's important for us that our customers feel themselves comfortable and happy in the interior we create for them.

We're always striving to improve our progects, to make them romantic and harmonious, outside of time, combining functionality, comfort, style, economical and ecological performance.