Authoring team: 
Boris Uborevich-Borovsky
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva
Dmitry Dorozhkin

A project conducted under UBdesign studio

Total area - 90 m2

Project conception - 2012

Year of realization - 2013

4 room- apartment

Interior projects by Anna Sycheva and Anastasia Dmitrieva are famous among minimalism-design lovers. But in every new project this style is shown in a new way.
Interior of this apartment in Moscow is based on simple geometric forms and adjusted colour combinations, and ultimately shows possibilities of black-and-white contrastive scale.
Architects used black, white and blue as a foundation of design palette (for these colours are mostly beloved by customers) - and represented them in wood, lacquer and glass.
Apartment is located in a newly renovated house and assumed free layout. The main role in interior decoration played black lacquered panels and glass screens.
Central hall divides space into two main parts: public zone of living room, dining room and kitchen and private zone, that includes bedroom, children's room and bathroom.
The beat of motion is set by the alternation of black (doors) and white (walls) surface. Interio spirit can be felt from the entrance door. 
Black glazed closet is used as a milestone in zoning the area, separating hall from the sitting-room and reflecting all the things around - in particular, shelf-system with LED-lightning.
The second keystone of the interior is kitchen by Composit. Kitchen is located at the sidewall of the dining-room, and is separated from it with a bar counter, which is also used as a kitchen workspace. Expression instruments remain unchanged: graphic scale, combination of glass and lacquer. Bar tabletop is based upon the glass panel and this, along with LED lightning, creates a feeling of hovering.
Despite the abundance of functional lightening, the interior doesn't look "cold". 
The rooms are laid out in such a way, that the daylight is almost everywhere: two windows in the bedroom, dining-room is located in a bow window).
The main space of the apartment is a living room (sofa complex) and a dining room. Dining room shows up with designer furniture (table with a table support of a an unusual  form is made by Pianca, along with all other furniture units in the apartment) and with a voluminous chandelier by Slamp. Chandelier makes a visual accomplishment of the space and not fussing it up at the same time.
Wooden floors of honey-colored american hazel-wood along with blackberry-colored furniture details make the space cosy. Minimalistic style is kept up. This is the only deviation from the achromatic line.
Bathroom is at the end of the hall. Bedroom and children's-room doors are on the right side. 
Bathroom design was determined by using laconic sanitary fitments by Antonio Lupi and glazed monochromatic furniture by Oasis.
Interior design shows all the possibilities of using contrasting, achromatic colour-palette.