Authoring team: 
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva

Total area - 200 m2

Project conception - 2015.

Year of realization - 2016.

This unique apartment is located at the very heart of Moscow, near the Christ the Saviour Cathedral. On the bystreets of old town prevails the atmosphere of comfort and peace. Combination of different details like a pieces of a stained-glass makes a true piece of art out of this residence.

The main goal of Match Architects was to create a cosy interior in muted tones engaging to enjoy the life after tiresome business-day, stay distant from the chaos of megapolis and spend good time with friends. 

Apartment includes wide living room with a library for calm and cosy evenings, dining-room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and fabulous SPA zone of 65 m2 size with hamam decorated with marble mosaic and a fitness-hall with the city view.

Furniture by Christian Liaigre, French architect and interior-designer well-known and beloved among demanding high-class customers from all over the world, was chosen for this enchanting living room space. And the dining-room with no doubt will become all-time favourite place for breakfast and romantic supper for the whole family.

Bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. Natural wallpapers by Pier Frey were used for wall finishing here, for pastel colours and natural materials are carte-de-visite of lodging interior design by Match Architects. Bed Omen by Christian Liaigre combines  splendor on one side and calmness on the other. Aspre armchair presents a wonderful mixture of Loro Piana baby cashmere tenderness and gloss varnish of Ebony wood. Bedside lamps made of bronze with aquarell paper covers finish the interior style with charming light accents.