Authoring team: 
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva

Total area - 800 m2

Project conception - 2015.

Year of realization - 2015.

Match Architects developed an interior design project for the BNS Group shop rebranding.
New shop was carried out in white with delicate black framework on purpose of not to distract customers attraction with the unnecessary details. 
The key decision was to make a multifunctional trading area which is ready for any kind of transformation.
Retail space is divided into several corners and each of them has it's own unique image and is devoted the main concept of the specific brand. Smart and thought-out trading space makes proper navigation for a customer and is necessary for a high-class european fashion-boutique.
Minimalistic design was used in this project to emphasize the advantages of lodging configuration. The key-point of retail area is a pop-up zone, where under the light-box ceiling on the creative installations new fashion trends are demonstrated.
The authors applied a special compositional method - light-and-shade - to create a particular rhythm for the shop space. Bright upper lighting makes shelves, shoes and clothes throw contrast shadows on the white shop walls, which combines perfectly with the geometric pattern of the furniture and decor. 
With minimum necessary details the architects made a perfect atmosphere for shopping.