Karelian pine house

Authoring team: 
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva
Dmitriy Andreev

Total area - 1400 m2
Year of realization - 2016.

The Residence is located on a hunting-and-fishing ground oriented around lakes. Dense forests and picturesque meadows characterize this landscape in the area of the estate. The customers order was a house to move into at different times of the year that would have seven bedrooms, the master with bathroom, two for the children with a separate bathrooms, one bedroom for childens friends and a three bedrooms for guests with some independence, also with bathrooms. 
Many people think that a perfect wooden house is one of Provence or Chalet. But it doesn't mean that a modern style cannot be employed for such a house. Current trends suggest to combine wood with a simple and clean design. Anastasia Dmitrieva and Anna Sycheva used pastel shades along with some red details to emphasize a welcoming atmosphere of the karelian pine house. Light tones of pine make a perfect background to the exquisite furniture by Christian Liaigre, Promemoria, Poltrona Frau and etc.
A large living room with a fireplace on the first floor is ready to host a big company. The dining room should be integrated with the kitchen and be as generous as possible. Kitchen is separated from the sitting-room with glass-screens to make the kitchen-zone visually bigger. 
Winding stairs along with alabaster chandelier go from the first floor up to the fourth. 
Private area of master bedroom is located on the second floor. Garniture of the head-board was made from the individual scetch by italian wood-masters and decorated with luxurious Fromental fabrics.
Master working-room is executed in classic strict lines, but still with red accents.
Third floor is desined as a childrens area, with a large zone of playing room and theirs private zones. Two attic windows in a children's room appeared during the interior-design work to let fresh air and sunlight inside. Big square table is children's working zone and beds in minimalistic style feel softer with oriental pattern wool by De la Cuona.
Wide-format oak is used for floor-finishing. Bathrooms are decorated with rare italian marble emphasizes natural untreated wood walls.
Elegant furniture, brushed wood, patinated bronze, natural materials, create warm atmosphere of the house.