Authoring team: 
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva

Total area - 600 m2

Project conception - 2015

Year of realization - 2015

The first thing that attracts a good-food lover to the restaurant is it’s interio. And therefore creating an interior style of a restaurant is a task of the highest responsibility. 
Friendly Bar&Kitchen outlook brakes all the rules and shows, that the price-oriented food can be delicious! 
After talking with the owners and taking view on the lodgement Match Architects designers made their decision for Loft style in the interior. Loft style took it's origin from New York city of the forties and as main materials considers cement, bricks and metal.  
Layout planning supposed to divide area into several zones: a big hall with a fireplace, which is also perfect as a dance floor, bar zone with high tables and chairs for big companies and attic storey. Attic ladder is tangled with metal net and provides an unusual space for a modern art exposition. There is one more zone under the attic storey, where tired parents can enjoy peace and meal sitting on extra-soft sofas while their children are playing in the kid's corner. 
Modern furniture in obscure colours was made by the architect's individual sketch, so please take your seat and relax while waiting for barman Sergey Tschesnokov to prepare a non-alcoholic detox-cocktail for you.
In the bar zone the rhythm was set by dividing the area with contrasting tile. The wall made of moss cannot fail to be seen and creates a perfect background for selfie-pictures of social nets lovers.
The open space kitchen is a must for every modern restaurant today, because it is such an absorbing thing to watch, how chief Pawel Zavarzin prepares a dish for you personally .
Sanitary rooms are decorated in a street-art style - a common idea of Match Architects and owners of the restaurant. 
Friendly Bar&Kitchen is a new outstanding project of Match Architects, modern and comfortable, applying advanced technologies of catering business - and, with no doubt, one of the top.