Authoring team: 
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Anna Sycheva

Total area - 300 m2

Project conception - 2015

Year of realization - 2015

The key object of the interior design of the big country house in Barvikha Hills was to create a comfortable and housewarming atmosphere. 
Young and modern family gave its choice for a Scandinavian minimalism style. Interior design is based on the combination of materials and textures, integrating in one complete picture.
Space is divided into public and private zone, correlating with each other. Public zone is rich in natural texture and includes entrance hall, sitting-room, dining-room, kitchen and spa-lounge on the ground floor.
Sitting-room design materialized all the dreams of the family. The set of sofas allows to lodge a big company for a nice evening, enjoying a good film near the fireplace. Dining-room is ready to host more than 10 people for a dinner. Modern kitchen is hidden behind the exclusive-made boards of natural oak. Kitchen workspace of 3 meters length looks compact and remains functional.
Family's private zone includes bedroom, wardrobe and sanitary room, integrated in one module. Match architects tried to emphasise the individual style of the family and there love to eco-friendly materials.
Ground floor area is multifunctional and consists of a large chill-out zone, mini-kitchen with a bar and infrared sauna with a shower. Panoramic windows lead up to a terrace with jacuzzi.
The interior turned to be light, natural and very cosy. We hope you like it!